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Jacob and Lola by J-Zrod98 Jacob and Lola :iconj-zrod98:J-Zrod98 2 2 Sonic the Hedgehog  by J-Zrod98 Sonic the Hedgehog :iconj-zrod98:J-Zrod98 6 0 Running a Marathon by J-Zrod98 Running a Marathon :iconj-zrod98:J-Zrod98 4 1 Couch Commando by J-Zrod98 Couch Commando :iconj-zrod98:J-Zrod98 2 0 Duet Between Buddies by J-Zrod98 Duet Between Buddies :iconj-zrod98:J-Zrod98 9 2 A Cheerful Morning by J-Zrod98 A Cheerful Morning :iconj-zrod98:J-Zrod98 2 0 Nicole the Holo-Lynx by J-Zrod98 Nicole the Holo-Lynx :iconj-zrod98:J-Zrod98 4 0 Jacob Lee (colorized) by J-Zrod98 Jacob Lee (colorized) :iconj-zrod98:J-Zrod98 0 0 Friendship Selfie by J-Zrod98 Friendship Selfie :iconj-zrod98:J-Zrod98 11 4 Jacob by J-Zrod98 Jacob :iconj-zrod98:J-Zrod98 9 3 Battle damaged Two-Face by J-Zrod98 Battle damaged Two-Face :iconj-zrod98:J-Zrod98 0 0 Super Mario Bros. by J-Zrod98 Super Mario Bros. :iconj-zrod98:J-Zrod98 6 0 In memory of Adam West (1928-2017) by J-Zrod98 In memory of Adam West (1928-2017) :iconj-zrod98:J-Zrod98 3 1 Mega Man Vs. Zero by J-Zrod98 Mega Man Vs. Zero :iconj-zrod98:J-Zrod98 0 2 Lola and Lana Loud by J-Zrod98 Lola and Lana Loud :iconj-zrod98:J-Zrod98 13 6 Ash Mongoose by J-Zrod98 Ash Mongoose :iconj-zrod98:J-Zrod98 3 2


The Loud House Fanfic #9 - Night Craze
It's been two weeks since the events of Driving Miss Hazy, and Leni still hasn't got her driver's license. One day, she was going through a practice drive with Lincoln and Lori.
Lori: Okay Leni, see that red light?
Leni: Ew! Red is not a color I like!
Lori: Then white shoe.
(Leni stops the van in front of the traffic lights)
Lincoln: Nice, Leni! (to Lori) And how did you know our method of teaching Leni to drive?
Lori: Luna told me about it.
(The light turns green)
Leni: Ah! A much better color! Go-Go Boot!
(Leni continues to drive the van)
Lincoln: Phew. Everything's going smoothly.
Lori: I hope you told her everything she needs to know.
Lincoln: Don't worry, I'm pretty sure I have.
(They finally make it back home)
Lynn Sr.: Well, thank goodness the van isn't wrecked!
Lincoln & Lori: Dad!
Lynn Sr.: Oh! I mean, great job out there Leni!
Leni: Thanks Dad! I'm like, super excited about the test tomorrow!
Lori: I'm sure you'll do great, Leni.
Lincoln: Yeah! Everyone wishes you the best of
:iconyoshiplayer15:YoshiPlayer15 15 0
[MM] ''LOUD HOUSE'' Style: AVGN + Nostalgia Critic by Master-Rainbow [MM] ''LOUD HOUSE'' Style: AVGN + Nostalgia Critic :iconmaster-rainbow:Master-Rainbow 416 102 How the Sonic OVA should have ended by TheEnigmaMachine How the Sonic OVA should have ended :icontheenigmamachine:TheEnigmaMachine 399 157 I'm not dumb by vinzound I'm not dumb :iconvinzound:vinzound 211 80
The Loud House Fanfic #10 - Trustworthy Part 2
(It's been one whole day since Lincoln came back home after his sisters embarrassed him at an Ace Savvy convention. He was in his room, reading comic books, but looked a lot more depressed than normal)
Lincoln: (to the viewer) The last few days have been the worst days I've ever had. My sisters treated me so horribly, and I didn't think them gaining up on me would be such a big deal. I know they've tried to apologize to me, but I didn't forgive them. Forgiving your sisters after a unforgiving act seems so tough, and I know this.
(Lincoln then goes back to reading his comic books. All the sisters were downstairs sitting on the couch, all looking guilty or depressed. Then, Lynn Sr. and Rita inside the house)
Rita: We're back!
Sisters: (sad tone) Welcome back.
Lynn Sr.: Hey, why the long face?
Lori: We're feeling very guilty. Remember when we went to the mall the other day? Well, when we went to go get Lincoln, we ended up embarrassing him at his convention...
Rita: You did what?!
Luna: A
:iconyoshiplayer15:YoshiPlayer15 65 34
Amy x Orphan! Reader: Giving Nature
~Amy's P.O.V.~
I sighed and looked out my window, my heart fluttering as I saw my hero Sonic run by. 'He's always so busy, too busy to spend any time with me. But I know he's only busy because he's protecting us all from Eggman, and that's only one of the many reasons why I love Sonic. He's a hero with a heart of gold, even if I never catch up to him my feelings for him will never change. Sonic does so much for everyone, I wish I could do something just as meaningful.
I mean I always try to spread love and kindness wherever I go but its doesn't do much good like saving the world does, I want to make a contribution that will really make a change. But what? Sonic's the big hero, and what am I? A dreamer, with so much love to give and no one to give it to.'
I gasped, "That's it! Who needs more love and attention than anyone else in the whole wide world? Orphans! I've always wanted to give someone a loving home! This could be my chance to make a change that c
:iconinvaderskittles432:InvaderSkittles432 15 136
AT Ready for Action by ViralJP AT Ready for Action :iconviraljp:ViralJP 244 40 Family bonding by roco340 Family bonding :iconroco340:roco340 199 17 RetroWave Toronto by ImmortalBus RetroWave Toronto :iconimmortalbus:ImmortalBus 55 4 Sonic Origins Still Frame 5 by CrimDa Sonic Origins Still Frame 5 :iconcrimda:CrimDa 45 11 When violins play.... by Cakeklis When violins play.... :iconcakeklis:Cakeklis 115 9 Really Rad Racer (1920x1080 Wallpaper) by acefecoo Really Rad Racer (1920x1080 Wallpaper) :iconacefecoo:acefecoo 7 2



Jacob and Lola
Looks like Lola's had a nightmare. Will Jacob allow her to sleep with him?

Jacob Lee belongs to me

The Loud House - Lola Loud Icon  (C) Nickelodeon/Chris Savino
Sonic the Hedgehog
To celebrate the release of Sonic Mania, and the upcoming release of Sonic Forces. I decided to create this drawing to increase the hype of the franchise. As everyone can see, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy are all brought together. Including classic Robotnik as he appears in The AOSTH series, the reason why I went for this design of Eggman is because in my opinion, he's easier to draw. I could've made Knuckles a little bit better, but then again I wanted Sonic to be the main focus.

Sonic/Tails/Knuckles/Amy/Robotnik (C) SEGA/Sonic Team
Running a Marathon
Remember how I mentioned in a previous drawing that Jacob was formerly a Cross-Country runner who ran alongside Lynn Loud. Well, I decided to expand on that by creating this drawing of the two competing in a race.

This is the first time I ever drew Lynn. I even added somewhat of a light shading to the characters.

Loud House - Lynn  (C) Nickelodeon/Chris Savino.

Jacob belongs to me.
Couch Commando
    Normally when I show off my Loud House OC, I usually do everything traditionally by drawing out my character's actions, but this time I decided to show something a little different. This was made using The Loud House Cartoon Creator on, and this is also how Jacob Lee came into creation. The comic shows Jacob saying he had couch commando while Leni questions what she was doing there in the first place. I know it's just random dialogue, but it somewhat works. I also added Lincoln, Luna, and Lori in the picture just to give the image variety.

    As everyone can see, Jacob looks somewhat different than how I usually draw him out. Here, he's depicted having the same age as Lincoln rather than being the 14-year old I make him out to be. Still, I think this could've used a bit of improvement. But overall, it's a good way of showing where my OC's design originated from.

Jacob Lee belongs to me.

The Loud House - Lincoln Loud Icon The Loud House - Lori Loud Icon Loud House - Luna can rock to this Loud House - Leni is like totes adorable (C) Nickelodeon/ Chris Savino.

Duet Between Buddies
Jacob Lee performing a duet with Luna Loud. If it's hard to read, the song that Jacob is singing is Fortunate Son by Creedence Clearwater.

Jacob Lee belongs to me.


Loud House - Luna jamming out loud (C) Nickelodeon/Chris Savino.


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